4 Romantic Trips to take During COVID— And Necessary Prerequisites

Couple in love at Paris admire Eiffel Tower at sunset

This pandemic may have taught us to be more cautious, a bit more socially distant, but surely not to love less. For some, travel is resuming–or at least, the promise of travel is starting to take shape in dusty corners of the mind. And, as Valentine’s Day approaches, you might wonder if romantic trips that you’ve put off taking for the last two years can start to take shape. Whether you go now, next summer, or next year, here are four trips that take safety into consideration—with a dash of romance.

Don’t forget that with a pass sanitaire in hand, a PCR before boarding the flight, and proper masking you’re good to go!

Paris, France

France has been slowly implementing COVID-safe restrictions and prerequisites for visitors. Most countries can now travel to France with proof of two vaccination shots as well as a negative PCR test. Masks are still mandatory in public spaces, indoors, and on public transport, but they will no longer be required outside. While dancing and parties were restricted for the holiday season, nightclubs will reopen on February 16. French citizens will be returning back to in-office work in February as well. As a general overview, while COVID cases in France are still on the rise, so are the number of vaccinated people due to President Macron’s strict vaccination requirements. As a result, it is still a relatively safe romantic trip to take, and who knows, you might even be able to sneak in a kiss atop the Eiffel Tower.

While there, book a room at the Hôtel Amour, just because, you know— the name! Get a table at Pétrelle, discretely tucked away in a backstreet of South Pigalle, for dinner and pretend to be clandestine lovers. In fact, they say that this is where French Presidents take their mistresses! Finally, head out to Bar Hemingway at The Ritz, Paris for a legendary drink with a rose on the rim. Wrap up your evening with a romantic walk on the Left Bank of the Seine, admiring the streets and twinkly lights.

Make sure to plan ahead and reserve all of your main attractions to avoid going to ticket booths or waiting in lines: The Eiffel Tower is on the books for sure; and Versailles should be, too. Share a hot chocolate at Angelina or a giant lemon merengue at Le Loire Dans la Théière. Duck into Shakespeare and Co. and treat each other the gift of literature, because no one can ever have too many books.


Aerial photo taken by drone of Caribbean tropical exotic island lagoon with turquoise clear sea rocky seascape and rare pine trees

Looking for a relaxing, beach-focused romantic getaway? The French territory of Martinique in the Caribbean is surely the best spot to spend some alone time, one-on-one, on its secluded wild beaches.

While Martinique does not require proof of vaccination, the CDC highly recommends getting vaccinated and/or regularly tested when traveling to the Caribbean island. A negative PCR test as well as a document proving that you have no COVID symptoms is required for travel to Martinique.

Beyond that point, it’s pure honeymooning paradise with azure waters and breathtaking vistas. The French territory is true paradise, with free beaches and many hiking routes for the adventurous types.Plage des Salines is the most famous white-sand beach, but Plage de Pointe Marin and Grande Anse du Diamant are worth a visit, too. Take a hike up the Mount Pelée and take a couples selfie to send back home to all your friends and family. For dinner, book a table at Le Zandoli, the island’s most romantic venue.

Keep in mind that Martinique offers a barefoot kind of luxury, so book a few nights at Le Bakoua or Au Citron Vert and leave your shoes at home.

Brussels, Belgium

Brussels. Grand Place Square.

Count on the city of chocolate for a sweet romantic vacation!

Belgium, like most Schengen zone European nations, requires a proof of vaccination as well as a negative PCR test to enter the country. Proper COVID measures are to be followed while on territory.

Brussels, Belgium promises a fun and unusual romantic holiday as this up and coming European city has a fun contemporary vibe, plenty of chocolate, history, and curious street art. While Brussels has plenty of fabulous and affordable hotels, Maison Flagey is definitely a unique kind of destination. This Art Nouveau gem offers a rare opportunity to stay in an authentic and beautifully maintained mansion built by Ernest Blerot, one of Brussels’ most prolific Art Nouveau style architects of  his time. It’s clawfoot tubs and stained glass fireplaces are beautiful and the hotel sits overlooking the ponds of Ixelles. You might just never want to leave your suite.

If you do set out, go discover Brussels on foot. Head directly to Grand Place, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This gilded square is one of the most famous in the world. While there, check out the Choco Story Chocolate Musuem–masks are required.

Brussels is also one of the best cities in Europe to take a stroll with your partner as you hold hands and gaze in awe at its architecture! Head over to Galeries Royal St. Hubert for some window shopping and maybe a wine.

For your romantic activity, book a chocolate class with your partner at Chocolatier Mary. You might have a bit of a sugar high after the session, but head out to dinner at La Villa in Sky. This chic and contemporary restaurant overlooks the entire city. Finally, get out onto the streets and treat yourselves to a proper Belgian beer and some frites with mayonnaise at any of the many pubs in town.

Andermatt, Switzerland

There is something particularly romantic about snow and a a winter wonderland. And if there was one place to choose, it would be Andermatt, located in the Swiss Alps. This picturesque Swiss town offers exactly everything that you need for a romantic ski vacation.

European regulations still require a proof of vaccination as well as a negative PCR test upon entry. The good thing about skiing is that, helmet and mask-equipped, it is potentially an ideal COVID-free activity.

The Chedi is perhaps the most luxurious Andermatt hotel, but several options on Airbnb can offer wonderful deals even meters away from the ski slopes. This is a wonderful place to visit right now,  featuring plenty of fresh air and skiing. Because the destination features so much free-skiing, pack a snack to take with you and set yourselves up on the slopes for a romantic breakfast with a view. Head out for dinner at The Chalet, a Swiss-style restaurant with plenty of fondue and cheese.  End your trip with a spa-day, leaving you rejuvenated.

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