4 Restaurants with Heated Terraces where you can eat Boeuf Bourguignon in New York

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The winter, the cold, the pandemic… As bad as the news is, it shouldn’t stop us from taking advantage of living in New York (safely, of course). Here is a list of four restaurants where you can eat boeuf bourguignon, a little piece of France served up on a plate.

Lena Wine bar 

The Basque restaurant of Pierre and Jenny Gaona, located in the Lower East Side, has stayed open this winter with seven individual heated tents, installed on the street to make you feel like you’re at home. On the menu, this establishment offers a very traditional boeuf bourguignon recipe with grass-fed beef, cooked in red wine with mushrooms and carrots ($25). To be seated with a good bottle of French wine. The couple also has a Greenwich Village cafe (1B W 8th St), also currently open. 137 Eldridge St, (347) 935-1897.

Le Baratin

Le Baratin, the French restaurant in Greenwich Village, has invested in tents similar to those of Lena. You can dine there in a heated space among friends with an advance reservation. The boeuf bourguignon there has a twist, and is served with a topping of hash browns ($28). 26 Greenwich Ave, (212) 933-1080.

Bistro Vendôme

In Midtown East, Bistro Vendôme is open this winter with a large wooden awning over its sidewalk seating, both heated and well-ventilated. There, you can try a delicious boeuf bourguignon, just like one you would find in France, for $33. Reservations by phone required. 405 E 58th St, (212) 935-9100.

Delice & Sarrasin

For a vegan version of boeuf bourguignon, head to Delice & Sarrasin in Greenwich Village. This French restaurant has a heated terrace that seats eight. We would advise you to make your reservations in advance on their site. Their boeuf bourguignon is reimagined with a vegetarian “meat” base made from pea proteins, in a spiced pinot noir sauce with onions, carrots, and potatoes ($22). Their other house specialty is their crepe. 20 Christopher St, (212) 243-7200.

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