10 Tips To Help You Stay Parisian Chic

“International beauty brands have been trying for years to launch, in France, fancy colors of lipstick and nail polishes. It just doesn’t work.”

These are the sage words of wisdom from Justine Leconte, French fashion designer and style vlogger extraordinaire. In this video, Leconte explains the cardinal rules of French girl style. Such as: Neutrals are king. Makeup can be an accent piece. Your purse must match your shoes. If you’re wearing gold earrings, your necklace cannot be silver. And the only color socks you should own are black and white. (But mostly black.)


Even if some of these rules seem extreme, Leconte comes armed with an abundance of Karl Lagerfeld and Gabrielle Chanel quotes to back them up. So you might want to think twice about writing them off.

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