6 Essential French Pieces Every Girl Needs

Everyone knows the French have a leg up when it comes to style, but did you know how many of these classic statement pieces were created by French designers?

In honor of Paris Fashion week, French fashion vlogger Justine Leconte gives an overview of the six most important fashion pieces of the past century and where they come from. Some, like the marinière, are almost too French to be worn without cropped trousers and accent. But others may surprise you. Did you know that the term “denim” comes from “de Nîmes” (in other words, from the city of Nîmes in southern France)? Or that the polo shirt, the staple of country clubs everywhere, was carefully designed with strenuous athletics in mind?


Brush up on your fashion history with this video, and while you’re busy scouring the web (or the Champs-Élysées) for this year’s latest cocktail party stunners, make sure you’ve got every one of these must-haves in your closet.