Where to Get Bûche de Noël in Los Angeles 2019

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Now that the turkey has been digested, it’s time to focus on food for the next holiday: bûche de Noël, also known as Yule Log cake in English. Here are our favorite spots to get bûche this December.

Lark Cake Shop

La célèbre bûche de Lark Cake Shop.

At Lark Cake Shop, a pastry shop specializing in wedding cakes, the bûche is distinguished by its realism. This sponge cake is filled with chocolate mousse, and covered with a chocolate icing to resemble a tree branch. Only one size is available, for 15-20 people ($55). Make sure to order at least 24 hours in advance. — 3337 W Sunset Blvd, Silver Lake; 1355 N Hill Ave, Pasadena.


To be reminded of the classic flavors of bûches made by French grandmothers during the holidays, visit Frenchifornia in Pasadena, which offers two types of traditional bûches for the holidays. They are made of sponge cake and butter cream, covered with sugar icing and roasted almonds. Two flavors are available: vanilla and chocolate. It can be made in any size you want for any number of people (cost is $6.50 per person). Make sure you order at least three days in advance, last pick-up date is Tuesday, December 24 at 12 p.m. — 247 E Colorado Street, Pasadena.

Pitchoun Bakery

Pitchoun Bakery continues to surprise with its unique creations. Special mention for the Bomb Log (in the form of Christmas dynamite), made with orange biscuit, lemon cream and cherry jam. In addition, the Souliès family has created other artisanal logs: Hazel Log (hazelnut biscuit, chocolate and praline mousse), Snowflake Log (shortbread biscuit, vanilla-caramel mousse, caramelized pears), Mont Blanc Log (shortbread base, chestnut cream and meringue, topped with whipped cream) and La Tradition (génoise and vanilla butter cream, coffee, chocolate or Grand Marnier). You can buy them to serve 6-8 people ($37), except for La Tradition at $32, which is also available in an individual size. Order by email 48 hours in advance (order before December 20 for pick-up on Christmas Eve).— 545 South Olive street, Downtown LA; 8500 Beverly Blvd. #103, Beverly Grove


Some of this year’s most beautifully decorated bûches come from Ladurée. This year’s signature bûche, inspired by the Canadian wilderness, is Atoca (sponge cake, chantilly cream, chocolate mousse, maple syrup, cranberry), available in an individual size ($8.50) and for 6 people ($76). The other five bûches are: La Marquise (hazelnut dacquoise, Sachertorte biscuit, hazelnut wafer, chocolate and hazelnut cream, chocolate mousse), Mademoiselle (ladyfinger sponge, crisp almond wafer, red-fruit compote, almond cream, vanilla-mascarpone mousse), La Favorite (pistachio macaron base, buttercream, flaked praline), Marie-Antoinette (macaron base, buttercream, raspberry, lychee jam), and La Duchesse (génoise sponge soaked in dark rum, chestnut mousse, candied chestnuts). Of the four bûches, get an individual serving ($8.50) or one that serves 6 ($68). Available to order and pick-up until December 31 in store and online. — The Grove, 189 The Grove Dr, Los Angeles; 311 N Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills


Michelina‘s pastry chef has created four types of bûches this year. Enjoy the traditional chocolate or hazelnut and salted butter caramel bûche, serving 6-8 people ($75), or the mousse bûche ($65), which comes in chocolate, hazelnut, and cherry (mascarpone vanilla mousse, cherry jam, covered with white chocolate). Individual portions are available as well ($10). To impress your guests with these desserts, remember to order them before Friday, December 20. — The Original farmer’s market, 6333 W 3rd St, Los Angeles

Dominique Ansel

French expat chef Dominique Ansel and his team are offering three unique bûches at their Soho and West Village locations. There’s the Double Chocolate Caramel (Valrhona dark chocolate ganache, caramel ganache, flourless chocolate biscuit, topped with chocolate eskimo and meringue penguins) and the Chestnut (chestnut mousse, orange vanilla bavaroise, candied chestnuts, almond biscuit, topped with a chocolate Santa). Each serves 6-8 people ($48), and anyone gluten-free should get the Double Chocolate version. Pre-order online at least 48 hours in advance for pick-up in store. Available between December 14 and 24. Order here189 The Grove Dr, Los Angeles

LA Chouquette

At La Chouquette, two bûches de Noël are offered, each for 8-10 people ($70): hazelnut chocolate (with a heart of praline and a dark chocolate ganache) and Mont-Blanc with a blackcurrant heart (made with chestnut cream and chantilly). They will also be available in individual logs for $9. Available until December 23, order 48 hours in advance of when you want to pick up. — 7350 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles.

Pascal Patisserie

At Pascal Patisseries, in Woodland Hills, you will have the choice between a chocolate and coffee mousse bûche ($28 – $60, depending on size), an apple and vanilla bûche ($28 – $60), as well as a Croquembouche Tower Noel (one piece assembled, price on request). Order at least 4 days before Christmas Eve to ensure availability and pick-up. — 21040 A Victory Blvd, Woodland Hills.

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