Where to Find French Books and Magazines in London

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Reading books, magazines, and newspapers from France is one of the best ways you can practice your French. Here’s a list of five places to find French literature and publications in London. (And if you have any suggestions for where to find French books and magazines in London, let us know in the comments!)

La Librairie La Page

Located in London’s French Quarter in South Kensington for the past 40 years, La Page bookstore is the ideal place to find newspapers, magazines or books, including some new titles, in French. Not to mention the fact that, in addition to offering a wide range of genres, the bookstore is open seven days a week! — 7 Harrington Road, SW7 3ES

The European Bookshop


As its name suggests, this bookstore in southwest London offers books in a variety of European languages, including French. A little something extra: there’s a  great selection of children’s books. On the press side, it’s possible to subscribe to national newspapers in The European Bookshop in you’re in London longterm. — 123 Gloucester Road, SW7 4TE

L’institut français de Londres

This French cultural center, located in South Kensington, houses a large library, where members can borrow books. You can also read French press, and magazines in particular, there. The annual membership is £35 for an adult, £80 for families. — 17 Queensberry Place, SW7 2DT



The bookstore, which offers books in French and English, popped up in Shoreditch a little over a year ago. At the helm are two cousins, Anne Vegnaduzzo and Laura Cleary. With classic and contemporary literature, children’s books, graphic novels, self-help books, photo books, and more, you’ll certainly find what you’re looking for (plus a few extra things). However, there are no French newspapers or magazines. It’s a purposeful choice by the owners; they consider the bookstore as more of a “cultural platform.” Exhibits and book signings are often held there as well. — 5 Cheshire St, E2 6ED


The French association Uni-Presse, whose mission is to promote the French language and culture around the world, offers a choice of more than 650 French publication titles on its website, available through two possible subscription packages, over six months or a year, shipping costs included. (Note that it usually takes four to eight weeks for your subscription delivery to begin.)

This article first appeared in English on our sister site, French Morning London.

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