What It’s Like To Eat Like A Parisian For One Month

French women don’t get fat. An aspirational, jealousy-inducing adage that has somehow only cemented itself in our minds through the rise of French Girl Instagram influencers like Jeanne Damas.

Expat vloggers Rosie and Kate of Not Even French and Unintentionally Frenchified decided to explore just how true this statement is. So one American and one Kiwi tried to “eat like a Parisian” for one month and see what happened. The basic rules: portion control, no snacking, cooking at home, drinking more water, and walking as much as possible. Nothing too drastic, but Rosie and Kate weigh in on the rules they found the most challenging and possible solutions, like shopping for the week and planning meals ahead of time in order to make cooking at home more of a routine and less of a chore.


Stay tuned for their three month check-in, and in the meantime, you can watch more of these ladies in videos like this one about finding love in France.