Learn How to Get Jeanne Damas’s French-It-Girl Look

Looking for a casual day-to-day look that still subtly hints, “I’ve been to the Louvre”?

Try this “Lazy French girl” makeup look with French It-Girl and creator of the French makeup brand Rouje, Jeanne Damas. As usual with les parisiennes, it’s a lot of oils and balms involved, and of course Jeanne doesn’t wear mascara… she only curls her eyelashes. And though she prefers browns and pinks, there’s nothing, she notes, like a “classic Parisian red,” which she uses to create an imperfect, “bitten lip” effect. Too cool to be true, but you know this is an IRL makeup tutorial, because like the rest of us she stops mid-prep to drink coffee and eat some breakfast. Because you can’t wait til after you put on lipstick.


Don’t forget to test your makeup on your wrist first, so you don’t demolish your entire look with too much bronzer — a trick she learned when interning at Yves Saint Laurent Beauty. Of course. Because there’s nothing more French than twenty minutes in front of a mirror to look like you just got out of bed. Or, apparently, seven minutes to look like a PFW model.