What If You Learned to Cook Like the Greatest French Chefs?

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[Sponsored article] If you’re wandering around here on Frenchly, it’s probably because you’re interested in France and French culture. And if there’s something that only the French know how to do perfectly, it’s French cuisine.

Well, that’s not entirely true. 

Because you can do it, too!! You don’t believe us, do you? 

Well, with FERRANDI Paris, one of France’s most renowned hospitality schools, and with a good dose of passion and hard work, becoming a chef is within anyone’s reach. 

FERRANDI Paris, French-Style Excellence

Established 100 years ago by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris Ile-de-France, FERRANDI Paris trains elite professionals and innovators in the gastronomy and hospitality management industries, both in France and internationally. The school is a hub of discovery, inspiration and a unique free-flowing exchange of ideas, where cuisine meets management, art, science, technology and innovation, and where the biggest names in the industry can come together. FERRANDI Paris offers a high level of education thanks to its teachers’ team, composed of renowned guest chefs (Meilleurs Ouvriers de France and Michelin).

And even though FERRANDI Paris is a French school, they offer a vast array of international programs, dispensed entirely in English. From beginners to professionals, there’s a curriculum for everyone. 

For aspiring chefs who are already convinced that a future in the culinary field is for them, FERRANDI Paris designed the Intensive Professional Programs. These programs aim to provide the solid skillset needed to launch a culinary career, be it in a professional kitchen or lab, an entrepreneurial venture in France, or abroad. 

Four Months to Kickstart your Career in the Culinary Field

In line with FERRANDI Paris’ hands-on teaching philosophy, in the Intensive Professional Programs, the majority of course time is spent practicing skills and producing recipes. Classroom sessions focus on technical knowledge and understanding the essential processes and techniques. There are currently three different Intensive Professional Programs: 

Each program also includes insight into French food culture and gastronomy through chef demonstrations, professional excursions and meetings with artisanal and industrial food and equipment producers. Students also learn about arts, and how to turn their food into artistic work, by molding shapes and colors by taking inspiration from painters like Picasso and Kandisky, for example.

Students also have the option of completing this program with an internship where they are able to perfect their skills.

Frenchly met with Salomé, an 18-year-old student in the Intensive Program in French Pastry to get her thoughts on the program: 

A Matter of Passion

After graduating from high school in the United States, Salomé knew she wanted to pursue a career in pastry. Her father is a maître chocolatier and Meilleur Ouvrier de France in New York (MOF, a prestigious French competition for craftsmen held in France every four years), so Salomé had been exposed to pastry and chocolate all of her life. “The way my dad talks about chocolate, it’s always with such passion. Since I started cooking with him as a child, I knew it was what I wanted to do,” she explains.

What Better Place to Learn Pastry Than France?

Salomé, an 18-year-old student in the Intensive Program in French Pastry

So it was a no-brainer: Salomé knew she wanted to base her studies on pastry and French gastronomy. As for where she wanted to do that, she started by looking at the schools in the U.S. She said, “I did check out a couple of schools in America. But I always came back to the idea of studying in France. After all, what better place to learn French pastry than France?” It’s finally after talking to one of her acquaintances that she heard about FERRANDI Paris. “And then I knew: this was the school for me, ” she says. 

And since then, she never felt sorry about her decision. “My favorite part in the Intensive Professional Program is definitely the work environment, how we work and how the chefs explain everything to us. We can ask all the questions we want; there’s always someone to answer them.” There’re three chefs in the program, and every couple of weeks, the students learn from a different chef. This allows them to discover different ways of doing things and to deepen their knowledge. Salomé also emphasizes the warm and friendly atmosphere at FERRANDI Paris: “Everybody is extremely nice, welcoming and warm. We all have fun and get along so well. It doesn’t feel strict. We’re still able to learn and to be serious, while still having fun. And it doesn’t feel like a competition.

People like Salomé, who moved by their passion to learn, are what makes FERRANDI Paris the French institution it is today. This is also the reason why the name FERRANDI Paris is linked to generations of chefs and entrepreneurs who shine for their signature culinary style and pioneering talent. 

Are you ready to get your career moving? Whether you’re 18 like Salomé, in your 30s, or in your 50s, there’s an English-speaking program suited for you at FERRANDI Paris. Click here to learn more.


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