[Video] Moving to the US in 2021: why you should get an O-Visa, and how to get it

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If you are an entrepreneur, a scientist, a creative, an artist, a musician, or an athlete, and if you are interested in expanding the reach of your business to the USA, this replay of our webinar focusing on the “extraordinary visas” is for you.

During this webinar, Ron Matten and Arthur Deucher Figueiredo from Matten Law gave you practical tips on the steps you should be taking now to broaden your visa options and increase your chances of success. They covered the most common visa options, with a special focus on why the O-1 visa may be the best option for you.

Watch this video to learn what is considered “extraordinary” by the US government, when to start planning, and why you need to focus on the O-1 visa.

?  To contact Ron and his team, email them at info@matten-law.com or book a call with Matten Law here.

You can also download Ron and Arthur’s slides here.

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