Watch the Trailer for Sebastian Marx’s New Stand-Up Show

“This language wasn’t created by linguists, it was created by artists of abstract expressionism.”

That is one of just many theories that American comedian Sebastian Marx has for why the French language is so completely bizarre. The New York transplant’s website calls him, “An American living the dream in France,” but to hear his set, it sometimes sounds more like he’s living a nightmare. Most likely the one where he forgot he had a French test that day and showed up to school in nothing but his underwear.


Marx’s new comedy show, “French Language Explained By An American,” deals with the intricacies and embarrassments that come with learning a new language. Relive your own bilingual (or, at least, semi-bilingual) adventures with Marx every Saturday at La Nouvelle Seine, a bar/performance space on a boat overlooking the Notre Dame. You can buy your tickets here.