Watch The Trailer For Gad Elmaleh’s ‘Huge In France’

Gad Elmaleh is a very famous comedian… in France, as the characters in his newest Netflix venture makes abundantly clear.

This week, Netflix released the trailer for Huge In France, an original comedy series starring (and based on the life of) French comedy star Gad Elmaleh. This will be the French-Moroccan comic’s first scripted series and third Netflix project, following his two previous stand-up specials, Gad Gone Wild (2017) and American Dream (2018).


The show focuses on Elmaleh (often known as the “French Seinfeld”) as he struggles to rebuild his relationship with his estranged 16-year-old son after leaving his highly successful career in Paris to try and make it in the comedy world of LA. Though Elmaleh still does both French and English comedy, the show is in English, so if his nickname’s origin is any indicator, a half-hour English-language scripted comedy series could be just the thing to push the comedian from huge in France, to just plain huge.

The show will be available to stream beginning April 12.