Watch Gad Elmaleh Struggle with U.S. Customs in “Funny or Die” Video

When Moroccan-French comedian Gad Elmaleh crosses through U.S. Customs, he’s not exactly met by a welcome party.

In this video made with internet comedy juggernaut “Funny or Die”, Elmaleh tells the border control agent, played by American actor Ron Livingston, that the purpose of his stay is “living the American dream.” Of course, that’s not enough of an answer for a stoic-faced Livingston.


For those literate in France’s relationship with Morocco, one of the funniest moments happens when Elmaleh explains to the skeptical agent that though he has just flown from France and has a French accent, he was born in Morocco, and speaks Hebrew, Arabic, and French.

Check out the video above to see Elmaleh’s comedic genius in action. (Note: this video contains swearing.)