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Vote for San Francisco’s Best Croissant

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You remember (possibly emotionally) our Best Baguette contest. Now we’re on to find the Best Croissant. Help us, and above all help the City by the Bay to finally answer the question: “where can we find good croissants in San Francisco?”

The method: our readers give us their favorite bakeries (their top three); the bakeries with the most votes will qualify for a grand finale, organized on April 8th at Le Colonial. There, a jury of professionals will do a blind taste test of the precious pastries presented by the finalists. You’ll be able to attend the event, taste the croissants yourself, and vote for your favorite. A full brunch menu will also be available (reservations required).

So now, it’s up to you! Tell us where you find the best croissant in San Francisco, wherever you shop, whether it’s a bakery, supermarket, deli, or café. We will then verify that the viennoiserie candidates are handcrafted from A to Z. It’s up to you to decide which are best, whether you like them crispy or very soft, or whether you prefer the friendliness of the baker. You can enter up to three establishments below, in order of preference:


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