The Two Ways to Flirt in French

“[It’s about] speaking well. In an agreeable and tender way. [To] outdo yourself with a woman in terms of speaking in order to win her over.”

It’s the eternal question for single people everywhere: how to win over a potential partner without coming off like just another overzealous tool. Well, surely the French, who claim to be the masters of amorous courtship, should have some answers? In this video by Easy Languages, host Coleman Donaldson takes to the streets to interview everyday Parisians about the difference between draguer (“flirting”) and faire la cour (“courting”). Spoiler alert: you might not have to turn into Shakespeare to win over the ladies, but maybe don’t start shouting at them from a bar stool.


If you’re ready to get started on finding that special someone but need a little help finding the right words, brush up on your French dating vocab here.