Try These 7 French Tongue Twisters

So you’ve mastered “She sells seashells by the sea shore” and you’re pretty good at “red leather yellow leather”, but have you tried “Les chausettes de l’archiduchesse sont-elles sèches ou archi-sèches?” 

Un virelangue is a french tongue-twister, and like a tongue twister in English, it’s a sentence containing words with sounds that are difficult to make or switch between. In French, they’re even harder because many of the sounds don’t come naturally to native English speakers. The “r” sound that’s a bit phlegmy is a killer, especially next to the “ch-“, like in archiduchesse. 


In this video by Francais avec Pierre, he goes a bit fast for someone just learning the tongue-twister (the English and Spanish translations are written in the video if you want to know what you’re saying) but you can stop and start the video, and slow down the speed in settings. Know any other hard French tongue twisters? Write them in the comments!