The Wild Horses (and their Cowboys) that Roam Provence

If you’ve ever wanted to visit the Wild West (and you can’t afford a ticket to Westworld), you can find it in France, although it should better be called the Wild South.

In France’s southern Provence region, Camargue horses have run wild for thousands of years. And this CNN 360° video will make you feel like you’re running right there with them. The horses are ridden by French cowboys like Frédéric Bon, who uses the horses to round up wild bulls for jeux taurins, a French version of bullfighting. Though still quite controversial, it is a far less violent sport than its Spanish counterpart, as it is not a fight to the death, and the bulls are not killed for the game.


So the next time you’re looking for a bit of the wild side of Provence, take a trip to these marshes at the Camargue National Park, where the tradition is king, wildlife is sacred, and cowboys step out of the realm of legend into real life. Until then, set this video quality to 4K and click and drag your way through a 360° view of life as a French cowboy.