The Edgier Side of Vintage French Style

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The French may be known for their classic, elegant fashion choices, but French style isn’t just little black dresses and marinières.

Welcome to the wardrobe of Josephine de la Baume, the French actress and model whose style is distinguished by a lifelong love affair with music and the vintage clothing it is associated with. Married to musician and record producer extraordinaire Mark Ronson, it is no wonder that Josephine loves anything you would be more likely to find at a Nirvana concert than a Paris runway.

And whose closet would she raid if she could? David Bowie, of course. As if the silver lamé shirt and leather choker didn’t give you a hint.

There will always be a time and a place for Saint Laurent classic prints, as our style guru points out. But as any true parisienne knows, sometimes you need to think outside of the Cartier box in order to be a real fashionista.

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