Saint Laurent: Glitter and Glam on an Austere Paris Street

Who wore it best? When it comes to Paris Fashion Week, this question doesn’t always apply strictly to clothes.

If fashion is an art form, then where you display it should be crucial. You wouldn’t hang a Monet in a rundown garage, just like you wouldn’t wear Givenchy to a frat party. (Well, some people might, I wouldn’t judge.) So at Paris Fashion Week, it’s not only the clothes that come under our speculation.


In two of the earliest shows we’ve seen this season, Dior and Saint Laurent, we see two starkly different takes on fashion display. Dior went all mirror mosaics, with a runway like that of a bedazzled ice palace. Saint Laurent decided to let the clothes shine with their own merit, against the austere backdrop of a deserted boulevard. Was Saint Laurent’s artistic director simply getting lazy on this one, or was this a deliberate choice? Do the clothes stand to benefit or suffer from the lackluster framing?

It’s always hard to step up when a superstar like Dior opens the week with a bang and a lot of flash. But come on Saint Laurent, you could have at least afforded some side lighting! Decide who did it best and watch the Dior show here.