Take a Tour of French Chef Alain Passard’s Farm

What does it take to be a Michelin-starred famous French chef?

Well, amongst knowing the rules of French cooking like how to make a puff pastry or a perfect meringue, it also takes an appreciation of the best, most high quality ingredients and an ability to experiment with flavors.

For French chef Alain Passard, owner of the Parisian restaurant L’Arpege, if you want the best, most tasty and fresh ingredients, sometimes you just have to grow them yourself.

An hour outside of Paris, Passard has a paradise of fresh vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers, which he picks to use at his restaurant on the very same day. It looks so green, and so fresh.

Take a tour of Passard’s gorgeous farm in the video above… and if you’re planning to eat at L’Arpege, know that the food on your plate came from Passard’s own garden.