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Is the Word “Expat” Inherently Biased?

When we talk about travelers living abroad, why are French migrants "expats," but Chinese migrants are "immigrants"?

Who Will Be Affected By Trump’s Green Card Ban?

The new U.S. immigration ban is just as big-business minded as the man behind it.

A New Report on ‘Accidental Americans’ Puts Pressure on France to...

People born to American citizens or in the US but who have no ties to the country still have to pay taxes. These French MPs think they shouldn't have to.

Where to See the 2020 Green Card Lottery Results

For anyone hoping to gain permanent residency in the United States through the Diversity Visa lottery, you'll want to read this.

Italy Accuses France of Being Modern Day Colonizers

Italy's deputy PM has started swinging at France. Will France swing back?

Italy Accuses France of Abandoning Refugees on Italian Soil

France and Italy continue their battle to not accept new African refugees.

Médecins Sans Frontières Faces Off Against the French Government

SOS Méditerranée says, "Not our fault, not our problem."

Emmanuel Macron’s UN Speech was One Long Rejection of Donald Trump

In speeches at the United Nations General Assembly, the two world leaders were in stark contrast.

Citizens of the French Department Mayotte are Taking Immigration Reform into...

"France is for the French," say the people of this tiny African island.
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