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13 Untranslatable French Words You Should Know

Did you know there's a French expression for faking your way through song lyrics you don't know?

Understanding Imparfait v. Passé Composé

Never again mix up your past tenses in French.

6 Common Errors in Speaking French — and Tips for Correcting...

A handy guide featuring tips and tricks for remembering how to pronounce some of the trickiest sounds in French.

British People Quizzed On Common French Phrases

Whether you're saying bon appétit or bon voyage, make sure you know the meaning of these ten French phrases.

Why Can’t French People Say “Focus”?

The French accidentally vulgarize this english word, even though there are far more complicated words in the language.

Here’s Proof that French is Actually the Sexiest Language

This isn't about polls, this is about linguistics-based facts.

9 American Celebrities Who Speak French

Let them inspire you to speak French more often in public!

What to Do on International Francophonie Day

March 20th is International Francophonie Day, a day all about French. Celebrations are certainly in order.

Comedian Paul Taylor says: WTF France?!

Learning French is frustrating... Paul Taylor explains all the reasons why.

10 French Words that are English Words with a French Accent

It's a special moment when you can say and English word with a French accent and be right.
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