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From Joan of Arc to La Marianne: France’s Impossible Feminist Icon...

From the noble virgin to the revolutionary mother, France's women have some hard tropes to live up to.

Introducing the FBC, Paris’s First Bilingual Feminist Book Club

Meet the faces behind The FBC, Paris' new English language feminist book club hosted at Shakespeare and Company on the left bank.

A Brief History of Feminism in France

One of the many reasons French women are unstoppable.

#metoo and the French Anti-Feminists

A man who punched a woman in the face on a Paris street has finally been brought to justice.

A Feminist’s Guide to Paris

Spoiler alert: Marie Antoinette wasn't the only French woman who did things in history.

Cate Blanchett Pushes for Gender Equality at Cannes

Cannes picks a bold cast of jurors for this year's international film festival.

The #metoo Movement in France is Gaining Momentum

Sexual harassment is a big issue in France right now. But it could soon be illegal.

Steinem and Taubira Talk Feminism at Festival Albertine

In their annual series of conferences, Festival Albertine puts feminism at the forefront.

Dior’s New “Feminist” Style

Christian Dior says goodbye to high heels and hello to comfortable fashion.

What French Feminists Know that American Feminists Don’t

The real difference between French and American feminism boils down to this…but which one is more effective? You be the judge.
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