Six French Superstitions You May Not Know About

Much like myths and tall tales, each country has their own superstitions which date back to traditions from long, long ago.

In America, you might know not to walk under a ladder, step on a crack in the pavement, or spill a container of salt on the table… but in France, all of these superstitions don’t mean anything. So if you’re headed to France, you had better learn their own unique French superstitions in order to keep yourself from running into bad luck.

For example, did you know that placing a loaf of bread upside-down on a table means that you and your family will starve? Or if you light three cigarettes with one match, the third person could die?

The one superstition that might hold true anywhere you go, however, is that black cats are always suspicious.

Learn some French superstitions, and how to talk about them in French:


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