‘Plan Cœur / The Hookup Plan’ Season 2 Just Dropped on Netflix

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Just in time for the three-day weekend, Netflix released season two of “Plan Cœur” (The Hookup Plan), the French series about a trio of female friends (Charlotte, Emilie and Elsa) and their love lives in Paris.

In season one, Charlotte and Emilie secretly pay an escort, Jules, to go out with Elsa in an attempt to get her out of a dating slump. But things get complicated when, of course, Elsa starts to fall for Jules.

Season two, like season one, consists of eight 30-minute episodes. The series, which came out in December 2018, was a hit among viewers, and season two has been eagerly awaited. Plan Cœur is the second French series to be produced by Netflix, after “Marseille,” and the first to be a true hit among French audiences.


Season one ended with a lot of cliff hangers. The final shot was of Jules on Elsa’s doorstep, hoping that she might forgive him for concealing his true identity from her. Does Elsa forgive him? Does the couple reunite or does Elsa bail for Buenos Aires? Did Mathieu and Charlotte get together, because he finally told her that he loved her? What kind of parents with Emilie and Antoine be to their new baby and will there be a wedding?

All the questions are answered in season two. Watch the series here.

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