Netflix’s New French Show Twice Upon a Time is a Time-Traveling Romance-Thriller

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After success with French series like Call My Agent and Plan Coeur, Netflix is seeing blue, white and red. The latest French-language content to arrive on the streaming platform is Twice Upon a Time (Il était une seconde fois), which dropped online Thursday, December 19.

Created, written and directed by Guillaume Nicloux, and distributed in France by Arte, Twice Upon a Time is a four-episode romance-thriller-drama.

The story follows Vincent, played by Gaspard Ulliel (A Very Long Engagement, Paris Je t’aime), who has been floundering several months after a crushing breaking-up with the love of his life, Louise (The Lady in the Car with Glasses and Gun). His method for moving on of having one-night stands and partying late into the night isn’t working. One day, Vincent receives a mysterious box in the mail that has the power to send people back to the past. Once inside the box, Vincent is sent back to a time when he was still with Louise, when things were good. The opportunity is there: a second chance at their relationship. But of course, when it comes to magical boxes, nothing is ever that simple.

It’s a story of impossible love and the hope effort that goes into making a relationship work. As evident in the trailer, things take a turn for the worse (and violent) so romantics and drama-thrill-seekers alike will be happy to watch Twice Upon a Time.

The total runtime of the series is 3 hours 12 minutes, so binging it would be like watching a long movie (though not as long as Titanic, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, or The Godfather: Part II.

Watch Twice Upon a Time on Netflix here.

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