My Tutor Speaks French, a Directory of Francophone Instructors

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(Sponsored article) Lorène Hourcade set out with a goal of promoting French language, by helping New Yorkers find excellent French professors, and providing Francophone teachers a platform for their services. Through her site, My Tutor Speaks French, she has succeeded.

The French expat mother of three young kids, Hourcade quickly understood that in the US, finding a math or history tutor that spoke French would be difficult. Even more evasive would be the French-speaking sports coaches or art teachers, instructors of activities that kids often crave, but are elusive without the resources to find them. Taking advantage of the digital era, Hourcade decided to launch a platform that would serve as a network between Francophone teachers and instructors and students. For parents looking for academic support for their kids, for adults learning French (for fun or professional reasons), and for everyone else, young and old, who wants to practice French while enjoying an activity, whether it be sporty or artistic, My Tutor Speaks French provides a vetted, experienced selection of French speakers.

“Kids enrolled in a French program in a bilingual school really benefit from an individualized support because parents don’t always have the time or the language abilities necessary to help them,” explained Hourcade. “There are also many New Yorkers wishing to speak French or who already speak French, but they can’t find a fun way to practice. Now they have the opportunity to speak French while learning and enjoying an activity like cooking, drawing or golfing!”

To launch the program, Hourcade worked with Emmanuelle Lacôte, a certified professor of sciences and mother of four kids. Together, they verify the qualifications of each instructor registered with My Tutor Speaks French, and that the instructor really teaches French, math, philosophy, theatre, ice skating, drawing, singing, cooking, or anything else. That way, users can be sure that they’re browsing the profiles of only the best French-speaking instructors in their subject matter. Quality is never something users have to weigh when perusing profiles; they only have to pick an instructor based on their goals and their personality.

To go along with the site, Hourcade and Lacôte made a blog, in French and English, for parents and other language lovers, which addresses subjects related to bilingualism, learning French, and French education in New York. They provide teaching and educational resources throughout their posts for learning French.

Making progress in French requires regular practice of the language. Those hours of practicing are more fun and engaging when students enjoy what they’re communicating about, or are working with an instructor focused on their needs. So no matter whether you’re speaking French while you’re painting, philosophizing, or preparing for an exam, My Tutor Speaks French provides the French speakers to help you realize your full language potential.

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