Learn Your Favorite Pop Songs in French

Ever wondered what your favorite pop songs would sound like in French?

Sara’h will give you a taste. Her YouTube channel, Sara’h Officiel, is devoted to the French singer’s covers of American and English hits, from Taylor Swift to Adele. Originally from the South of France and of Lebanese heritage, the singer rose to YouTube fame in 2015 following the release of her album La Force d’y Croire (“The Strength to Believe”), released under her original moniker, Princess Sarah.


In this latest release, Sara’h performs a moving rendition of Ed Sheeran’s ballad “Perfect.” So if you’ve ever needed an excuse to brush up on either your French or your Top 40, this may be it. Dust off that translation guide from your last European adventure, do a couple vocal warmups, and be prepared to confuse all of your friends the next time you’re rolling down the highway, singing along to the radio at full blast en français.