You Know You’re Dating a French Man When…

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“You will probably meet an attractive French guy and never come home,” said everyone to me when I told them I was going to live in Paris for a year.

Wishful thinking.

Don’t get me wrong, there definitely are very many attractive French men in Paris. But even though France is stereotypically a place of romance, life isn’t always like a romantic comedy. As much as we’d like to deny it, underneath their scarves, French men are pretty regular dudes.

So what is it like to actually date one?

Well, like with anyone, dating French men has good sides and bad sides. Are French men picky eaters? Probably. (Although maybe they’re not so picky, but just have higher standards). Do they complain all of the time? Of course! (They’re French!)

But French guys can also probably wax poetic phrases, drop Jean-Paul Sartre quotes out of thin air, and make everything sound sexier with a French accent.

The YouTube channel Dating Beyond Borders creates satirical videos about what it’s like dating people from other countries. And while this video may be chock full of clichés and stereotypes, it’s pretty hilarious nonetheless. Plus, if you’re thinking of dating a French guy, it’s a must see:


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