How to Master the Paris Metro

Sixteen lines. Twenty arrondissements. Three extra RER tracks. And always running a few minutes behind. Welcome to the Paris metro.

Luckily, you have YouTube vlogger and expat spirit guide Rosie of Not Even French to give you a few helpful tips before you throw your map in the garbage and decide you’ll just call an Uber. This self-described culture-shock junkie will show you how to find a metro, buy tickets, and figure out where in the world you’re going. She’s also got a few life hacks to share… in other words, apps. Rosie’s number one recommendation is Citymapper, which gives you all sorts of travel options down to which train car is your best bet. For those without phone data (i.e. a lot of travelers), she recommends the Paris Metro Mapway, which is downloadable and completely internet free.


Hopefully some of these tips have earned you a safe and easy ride through Paris. But if not, there’s always Uber. And soon, maybe even driverless cars.