How to Make Steak Tartare… with a Twist

YouTube’s favorite French chef is at it again, this time with a recipe for a French classic that will make you unsure whether you want to call your butcher or your travel agent.

While many Americans are afraid of the infamous steak tartare, French Guy Cooking chef Alex Gabriel shows no fear in the face of food. This French recipe, which involves raw (yes, we said it!) steak, raw egg yolk, shallots, cornichons, capers, and a few secret ingredients, is an absolute delicacy. The raw aspect might be scary, but that’s what makes it steak tartare! It is the purest representation of the French culinary motto: your recipe is only as good as your ingredients. Everything must be fresh, the cow must be practically still mooing, and it should all be eaten as soon as possible.


Gabriel also hops in with a surprising vegetarian take on steak tartare, replacing the meat with red bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, and strawberries. So whatever your preference, sharpen your knives, and bon appétit.