How a Viral Dancer From Paris Got Ellen’s Attention

Do you ever look at those dancers on the subway and think, do they really make any money off of this stuff?

Well in the case of French street dancer Salif Gueye, sometimes a light foot can quickly turn into a heavy purse. The dancer, who got a lot of viral attention after a video of him dancing at the airport-sized metro station of Saint-Lazare in Paris got out, was invited by TV personality Ellen Degeneres to perform on her show, The Ellen Show. As everyone knows, Ellen loves some good dancing, and she asked the Parisian to perform his signature coup de grâce — a version of Michael Jackson-style moonwalking to Jackson’s own “Black Or White.”


But don’t skip ahead to the dance moves (which will make you wonder if Gueye has a single bone in his body). First, listen to the dancer’s incredible story, which includes once making €1400 in one day… in addition to gathering a few phone numbers along the way.