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Have you seen the new Christine and the Queens collab with Indochine?

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Christine and the Queens has not passed confinement in vain. The French pop icon, after putting out a new album, La Vita Nuova, earlier this year in February, has teamed up with the equally iconic French rock group Indochine for a very special collaboration.

It’s a take on Indochine’s 1986 #1 hit “3e sexe” (“The third sex”), in which the lyrics describe wonder and infatuation with passing visions of masculine women, feminine men, asexuals, and other gender neutral or gender fluid figures. It’s a song that seems to capture both the fear and wonder of exploring heretofore unknown desires, the shock of seeing a new generation of sexually liberated people. And it’s too catchy not to dance to.

The video for this version of the song, called “3SEX,” features Christine and Indochine frontman Nicola Sirkis dancing and singing in a truly stellar collection of androgynous outfits, both of them rocking mullets that would put 2020 Miley Cyrus to shame.

The song is a single off the upcoming Indochine Singles Collection (1981-2001), which will be available December 11, and is part two of a massive “best of” collection from the band’s 40-year career. The first, Singles Collection (2001-2021), was released on August 28.

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