French People React to Stereotypes of French Men

Are French men amazing lovers? Do they all smoke? Do they tend to forgo a daily shower in exchange for a hearty cologne bath?

Marina Iakovleva and Gaelle Hennequin of YouTube’s Dating Beyond Borders take to the streets of Lille in France to get the answers to all those nosy little questions you’re dying to ask but can’t, because you’d really like to make at least some friends from other countries. In this companion piece to their previous video on French Women Stereotypes, Marina and Gaelle ask French men and women how much all those romantic black and white movies from the ’30s lied to us about what it means to be French.


Whether it be men, women, adults, children, English speakers, or Francophones, clearly every Frenchie has an opinion when it comes to setting the record straight about their stereotypes. Because hey, if anyone’s going to call you a chainsmoking, unhygienic, compulsive womanizer, it’s going to be your own arrogant, effeminate grenouilles.