French People React to Stereotypes About French Women

“Is it true that French women have that je ne sais quoi?”

This is just one question that Dating Beyond Borders asked unsuspecting pedestrians in Lille this week. The YouTube group, run by Russian-Canadian transplant Marina Iakovleva, follows individuals around the globe in the quest to discover the answer to the greatest question of our time. No, not how to cure cancer — how to find love across all social and cultural barriers, whether that means asking someone on a date in a foreign language, or figuring out if the eggplant emoji still means the same thing in Rome as it does in Alabama.


In this episode, our love guru gets everyday French people’s reactions to common stereotypes about French women. From hygiene habits to — gasp! — the French propensity towards extramarital paramours, these proud descendants of Napoleon weigh in on what it means to be une française in today’s society.

Stay tuned until the end for some funny ideas about what makes French women have that “je ne sais quoi” and if they’re actually rude. If you’re not in it for the dating scene, this video is at least worth it to see these Lille-ies talk trash about a certain capital French city.