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French-Algerian Rapper Médine’s New Hit “Grand Paris”

Médine’s new song “Grand Paris”, from his latest album “Prose élite,” features seven other top artists and hits on many issues that France is facing today.

The music video alternates between shots of the group of singers and rappers, and shots of the banlieues of Paris, the suburbs and projects outside Paris-proper. Much of Paris’ immigrant communities live in the banlieues, and many of France’s hip-hop and rap artists grew up there. The first lyrics begin with Médine singing “C’est nous le Grand Paris” (“We are the Grand Paris”). “Grand Paris” refers to a State-sponsored project, “Le Grand Paris“, which aims to unite the banlieues and Paris to make one large metropolis, mostly through the creation of five additional Métro lines. Médine and fellow rappers give “Le Grand Paris” a new meaning, instead suggesting that they are the real connection between Paris, the banlieues, and smaller marginalized communities.


The song features Youssoupha, Seth Gueko, AlivorNinho, Sofiane, and Lino & Lartiste, who all add in verses about their own experiences living in France, often being pushed to the edges (literally) of society for being a different race or religion.

The song comes at a time when there have been many riots against police brutality in France, and during an election when one of the major candidates has said that Islam is a threat to French society. Médine and his fellow musicians are making sure that their own voices are heard in the midst of it all:


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