France’s Artisanal Mushrooms Are Grown in the Underground

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While the industrialization of farming techniques has made it possible for us to eat things like kiwis all year round, in some ways it has caused traditions to be lost.

But in France, some farmers are holding on to the traditional methods. For years, mushroom growers used the Paris catacombs (creepy!) as a spot to grow the traditional “champignons de Paris.” Unfortunately, this tradition is slowly dying off as big companies take over production.

Angel Moioli is one of the last Parisian mushroom farmers still using the underground method of growing mushrooms that was passed down to him from his father, grandfather and great-grandfather.

They call us the gardeners of the night because we work underground,” said Moioli. “Working underground is the best way to process mushrooms.”

Learn more about the trade secrets of underground mushroom growing in the video above.

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