Discover FERRANDI Paris, the culinary & hospitality school to learn the French “art de vivre”

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[Sponsored article] Calling all Frenchly foodies or aspiring chefs!  If French gastronomy ignites sparks in your eyes, then stay with me and let me introduce you to FERRANDI Paris, one of France’s most recognized schools of culinary arts and hospitality.

Created in 1920, this public institution is definitely that: a French institution. Every year, the centenarian school trains thousands of students in the culinary arts and hospitality and contributes to the influence of the “art de vivre à la française.”

If you know Claire Saffitz, the Youtube food phenom with 969K subscribers, you’ll probably have heard of Ferrandi Paris, too, since she is a former student.

A modern school celebrating French tradition

FERRANDI Paris’ goal is to educate and form the “crème de la crème,” the elite of the next generation of hospitality and culinary professionals. Through its four campuses – Paris, Rennes, Bordeaux, and, soon, Dijon – the school offers a wide range of programs, from beginner to professionnal level.

The institution attaches great importance to training students to be aware of today’s new environmental, technological or societal challenges. This is why the school – which produces a large quantity of food and pastries every day– works closely with associations (“Montparnasse Rencontres”, “SOS enfance” et “Notre dame des anges”), to which FERRANDI Paris donates surplus food. Teachers and chefs also teach students how to reuse materials to minimize waste, and the students are taught how to source local and high quality products.

A school meant for all food passionates

FERRANDI Paris offers dozens of programs, adapted to each levels. And it goes without saying that a FERRANDI Paris degree is an open door into the culinary arts and hospitality fields. Many international students go on to open their own businesses back home; others choose to stay and work in France.

FERRANDI Paris places special importance on giving everyone the chance to learn the French culinary and hospitality arts, regardless of their origin or level, as long as they are passionate and motivated. Magomet Albotov, for example, was a wrestler from Russia. Then he decided to train at FERRANDI Paris. This change, which was quite drastic to say the least, seems to have worked out pretty well for him, since he is now a pastry chef at Ladurée, a famous French pastry shop.

Dijon campus: international programs 100% in English

The good news is that you can get into this school of French excellence even if you don’t speak French. The Dijon campus is indeed going to be dedicated to international programs and offers courses 100% in English.

Located in the outstanding Dijon city, the hometown of the “Ducs de Bourgogne” in the Burgundy region, you can learn French cuisine and pastry from some of the best teachers in the world, while discovering the breathtaking Burgundy area, whose terroirs are part of the UNESCO list.

La cité internationale de la gastronomie et du vin 

FERRANDI Paris campus in Dijon will open its doors on March 28,2022 and will be part of the  “Cité internationale de la gastronomie et du vin” (the international gastronomy and wine centre). It was a dream for some French gastronomy and wine lovers and now it is a reality: an entire complex dedicated to the French art de vivre its gastronomy, its wine, its convivialité and friendliness. In a nutshell, the Cité Internationale includes a six hundred square meter wine cellar -offering 3,000 references from the Burgundy cellar – an exhibition hall that will showcase the French gastronomic meal and French heritage, the Ecole des Vins de Bourgogne (Burgundy school of wine), a museum allowing a five senses experience, and the FERRANDI Paris school, which will offer international programs.

How to become a FERRANDI Paris student in Dijon?

To get into the school, you will have to fill out an application form, and depending on the program, send a cover letter and pass a selection interview. There are different programs adapted to your level: if you are a beginner, the programs generally last two to three weeks. If, on the other hand, you really want to mettre la main à la pâte, in other words become a food professional and join a more advanced and selective program, you will need to apply at least four months prior the start of the program and be ready to stay in France for up to seven months.

Courses on the Dijon campus are reserved for adults; but teenagers can enroll for other campuses. To join the international programs in Dijon, you must be at least 18, have a high school diploma, a good level of proficiency in English and, of course, be motivated and passionate about the French culinary arts.

So, are you ready to kickstart your French art de vivre journey?

To know more about the international programs on the Dijon campus, please contact Elisabeth Villette, International Program advisor at FERRANDI Paris, at and/or visit the school’s website.

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