Test Your Knowledge of French Wine with the FERRANDI Paris Quiz!


[Sponsored Article] FERRANDI Paris is a French Gastronomy and Hospitality school founded in 1920. The school is known worldwide and trains the elite of gastronomy and hotel management, in France and abroad. Take their quiz today to find out what your level of knowledge is, when it comes to French wine!

How much do you know about French wine?

If you are interested in France, its culture and its wine – this quiz was made for you.

Test you level in French Wine and discover if you can join the latest Wine Program in FERRANDI Paris - the prestigious French School in Gastronomy and Hospitality Management!

A School for Training in French Gastronomy

FERRANDI Paris was created more than 100 years ago, as a higher education establishment (EESC) belonging to CCI Paris Ile-de-France Education. The school has several generations of distinguished chefs and culinary and hospitality managers to its name, known for their signature culinary works and talent for innovation.

Recognized for its level of excellence in all places and at all times, the school offers training courses focused on:

  • Mastering the fundamentals 
  • The ability to innovate
  • Acquiring managerial and entrepreneurial skills
  • Practice in real life situations.

Campuses All Over France

FERRANDI Paris is a school with campuses in many French cities : Paris, Rennes, Dijon, Bordeaux, Saint-Gratien. All of these towns are emblematic of French gastronomy, and hot spots for the world’s most famous French wines: Chablis, Bordeaux…

:index_vers_la_droite: Apply for FERRANDI Paris course on French wine!


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