C’est Le Temps: Telling Time in French

A gorgeous French man has just asked you out on a date with him. Only problem: how do you tell him when you’re free for dinner?

Telling time in another language can be tricky. You need to know numbers, you have to remember the difference between European time and American time (Ex. 8:00 pm is 20h00 in France). But there are also a lot of little vocabulary words that can save you a lot of time (excuse the pun) if you don’t want to be as specific as, “9:53 pm tomorrow evening.”


A few ones to remember are:

L’instant: moment

La semaine: week

Le jour: day

Pendant: during

De temps en temps: from time to time

Tôt: early

Tard: late

À la fin: at the end

Don’t run back the clock. Watch this monologue of time-related phrases and catch up on your French vocab. After all, you haven’t got all day.