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Call My Agent! gets a British Adaptation, 5th Season, and Movie

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When you end up with a smash hit, sometimes you have to run as far as you can with it. At least, that’s what the creators of Netflix’s Call My Agent! (Dix Pour Cent in France) are doing.

The show, which was Netflix’s first big French comedy success, ended its run with the release of season four on January 21, 2021… or so we thought. Loosely inspired by agent-turned-producer Dominique Besnehard’s experiences working at a top talent agency in Paris, the show quickly became an international hit thanks to razor sharp dialogue, a lovable cast, and a gimmick in which each episode guest stars a different giant of French cinema, playing a caricature of themselves as a “client” of the fictional ASK agency.

Season four gave viewers some bittersweet closure for the agents of ASK, most notably Andréa, played by breakout star Camille Cottin. But this fan favorite is far from over. In April, the show creators revealed that a fifth season is in the works, as well as a feature-length film based on the show’s exploits. The film will come first and follow season four chronologically, with rumors that some of it might be set in New York. Season five is still in very early talks, but hopes are that the entire core cast will return to reprise their roles.

A British adaptation of the show is also in development, which will be set in London and loosely based on the original. Tony-nominated actress Lydia Leonard (Absentia) will play Rebecca (the stand-in for Cottin’s Andréa), Jack Davenport (Pirates Of The Caribbean) will play Jonathan (based on the original show’s Mathias Barneville), and other cast members will include Jim Broadbent (Moulin Rouge!), Maggie Steed (Chewing Gum) as Stella, Prasanna Puwanarajah (Patrick Melrose) as Dan, Harry Trevaldwyn (The King) as Ollie, and Hiftu Quasem (Killing Eve) as Misha.

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