Avoid Paying Roaming Charges When Traveling to France

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[Sponsored article] Are you planning to travel to France anytime soon? Check out Ubigi – your new travel connectivity app – to make sure your phone bill after a wonderful vacation in France doesn’t leave a bitter after-taste!

We always need connectivity when we’re traveling: to read or send emails, request an Uber ride, check a map or the weather, stay in touch with our relatives or colleagues, find a restaurant, book museum tickets or attractions… However, overseas data usage can skyrocket if you’re using your regular mobile carrier, and alternatives such as buying a local SIM card or utilizing unsecured public Wi-Fi aren’t ideal.

Fortunately, Ubigi has a new and very smart solution to instantly connect in France and Europe at the best rates with eSIM data plans.

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The Ubigi eSIM (or virtual SIM card) allows you to activate a mobile data plan instantly and remotely (with a QR code or via an application), without having to change your physical SIM card. 

To benefit from this new technology, you need an eSIM compatible device. Since 2018, most smartphones, tablets and computers have been supporting eSIM or dual-SIM smartphones, with one physical SIM and one virtual SIM. Moreover, the latest iPhone 14 models that have just been launched by Apple in September 2022 are eSIM only.

The eSIM meets the mobile internet needs of today’s travelers: affordably, securely and effortlessly. It is a practical solution without the disadvantages of roaming (high costs), unsecured public Wi-Fi networks (risk of hacking) and local SIM cards or plans (not practical).

Discover the key benefits of the Ubigi eSIM for your next trip to France and Europe:

? 1. Significant Savings

No roaming charges! Benefit from mobile data at a rate close to local data plans in France and in all covered destinations.
Latest deals: the 3GB eSIM data plan for France costs $8 and the 10GB data plan is only $16. Looking for a one-day data pack? You can get 500MB for Europe for just $2. See all prices.

? 2. Instant Online Activation

No more ordering a SIM card in advance, waiting in SIM card shops, facing language barriers or converting currencies upon arrival to buy a local SIM card. Just install the Ubigi eSIM before your flight and enjoy mobile internet as soon as you get off the plane in Paris airports or in any of the 190+ destinations covered by Ubigi.

? 3. You Can Be Reached on Your Usual Number

Via the device settings, you can choose to receive calls and texts with your usual number and use Ubigi for mobile internet to continue enjoying your favorite applications. (However, the app advises you to deactivate roaming on your usual SIM and suggests that you use instant messaging and voice-over-IP services such as WhatsApp, Signal, Facetime with Ubigi)

? 4. 5G Available in France (and More Destinations)

The Ubigi plan is perfect for any type of travel. Simply connect on the go and hop onto that last minute video call if you’re traveling for business! Otherwise, use it to stream the latest episode of your favorite series. It’s also an opportunity for you to test 5G with your smartphone, since there is no additional cost to use it.

? 5. You Can Connect Anywhere Even When There is no Data or no Wi-Fi

The Ubigi eSIM data plan catalog offers one-time or recurring top-ups (perfect for regular business trips), as well as local and multi-country coverage. Even if you don’t have a data plan, Ubigi will allow you to freely use the app to recharge whenever you need to and from anywhere.

? 6. No Need to Change SIM When Visiting a New Country

Once installed, the Ubigi eSIM is ready to be used in more than 190 destinations. Just top up with a new data plan depending on your destination.

Try it, love it! Ubigi offers a 15% discount to the first 100 readers to use the promo code FRENCHLY22 (valid on your first eSIM data plan).

Discover France only eSIM data plans or view all destinations.

Check here to see if your device is compatible.

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