9 Great Places to Buy Graphic Novels in Paris

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Comic books are serious business in France, with more annual publications than ever before. The country dominates this literary format, alongside Japan and the U.S., with significantly more adult readers than teenage ones. If you’re coming to Paris and would like to explore the French comic book scene, here are nine great places to start.

1. Opéra BD 

Not far from the Place de la Bastille, this neighborhood bookstore is open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to midnight. There’s a vast choice of French titles in a relatively small space, from manga to one-hit wonders, independent publishers and famous crowd-pleasers. The unassuming storefront gives you a hint at the general vibe — you can take as much time as you want to browse. If you are in a rush, however, head straight to the owner and ask for his expert opinion; he’s a friendly guy who is always happy to help. — 2 Rue des Tournelles, 75004 

2. Album Comics 


Album Comics is a specialty comic book store on Boulevard St Germain, that opened just over 20 years ago. It offers a large selection of comic book titles, graphic novels and manga, in both French and English, from well-established names such as Marvel, DC, Delcourt and Ancama. This store is focused more towards die-hard comic book fans, as they also sell figurines and mugs, and the staff is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about the genre. — 67 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75005

3. La Rubrique à Bulles 


A newcomer to the Paris comic book scene, La Rubrique à Bulles quickly established itself as one of the capital’s great comic books. Part of its success can be attributed to a healthy selection that appeals to all ages and intellects. By embracing the new, such as contemporary graphic novelist Penelope Bagieu’s French adaptation of The Witches by Roald Dahl, along with the old, such as Astérix, they prove to be adaptable and curious in a longstanding industry. — 110 Boulevard Richard-Lenoir, 75011

4. BD NET 


BD Net is proud of its rich experience — over 30 years — selling comic books and graphic novels, and they even have an online store for international shoppers. With two locations in Bastille and Nation, they are a convenient stop if you’re looking for multiple genres of comic books. For the latest titles, from action adventure, fantasy and sci-fi to history and police thrillers, you name it, BD Net probably has it. — 26 Rue de Charonne, 75011; 36 Boulevard de Charonne, 75020

5. Gibert Jeune 


This is a great address for those shopping on a budget. It’s a standard, run of the mill selection of comic books and graphic novels, available in English and French, sold either at a discount or secondhand. There are several locations throughout the city but the one you’re after is on boulevard St. Michel. — 5 place Saint-Michel, 75005; other locations

6. Le Monte en l’Air 


A cool space in a distinctive neighborhood (Belleville), what makes Le Monte en l’Air worth a visit is its uniqueness: part “curiosity shop” for unheard-of titles, part art gallery with rotating exhibits of paintings or photos, and part generalist bookshop that sells French graphic novels, the classics, and contemporary poetry. Head here for socially engaged graphic novels that question French education, politics, culture, gender, and sexuality. To top it off, order a coffee for while you browse or start up a conversation with fellow bookworms. — 2 Rue de la Mare, 75020

7. La Musardine 


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Founded in 1995, La Musardine is both a bookshop and publishing house that has become the go-to for fans of erotic literature. As well as comic books you can find a selection of novels, essays, photography and art books that aim to satisfy every erotica taste. The comic books are exclusively French and include manga and queer-friendly publications, with recent selections promoting the importance of female pleasure. — 122 Rue du Chemin Vert, 75011

8. Le Petit Roi 


This paradise for comic book enthusiasts of all ages is located in the peaceful Jouffroy passage. It’s super cozy and beautiful, boasting an impressive children’s section on the second floor, antiques and curiosities in the basement, and the ground floor is full of hidden comic book gems, both new and second-hand, from all over the globe, as well as rare magazines. — 39 Passage Jouffroy, 75009

9. Aaapoum Bapoum 


With two locations, in the 5th and 6th arrondissements, AAAPOUM BAPOUM is definitely not for amateurs. The location in the 5th is an intimate space, where expensive, rare collector comics live alongside affordable, contemporary titles (French only). The second location is more spacious, more international, containing some damaged comics with attractive price-tags and original editions carefully packaged for preservation. If you can walk away empty-handed, then something has gone wrong. — 14 Rue Serpente, 75006

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