9 Instagrams to Follow If You Love Paris

Whether you’re feeling homesick for your beloved city of Paris, excited about visiting soon, or aching to see it for the first time, Instagram is a universe of inspiration for all your travel wanderlust.

As there are endless Paris Instagram accounts to follow, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite Instagrams of all time that best capture the magic and charm of Paris in their own unique ways.

In just a snapshot, you’ll be taken back to the streets of Paris, café terraces, flower shops, and banks of the Seine.

*Warning: these accounts are not for the faint of heart. Prepare for severe attacks of wanderlust and nostalgia for Paris.

1. @aparisianmoment


Run by Georgianna Lane and David Phillips, @aparisianmoment is one of our favorite Paris Instagrams for its detail-oriented photography of the city. As if taking us on a walk around Paris, this Instagram zooms in on architectural details that we’d normally gloss over when walking by. It reminds us that stopping to observe our surroundings, to really look, is a very rewarding experience–especially when you’re in a beautiful city like Paris!

2. @sky1967


Scrolling through Brigitte’s Insta-gallery is like walking in a soft, warm, sunshine-filled dream. Visually gorgeous and calming, this Instagram uniquely captures scenes of everyday French life and makes our hearts long for Paris more than ever. If we could step into @sky1967’s pictures, we’d cozy up in there in a heartbeat.

3. @lily__paris


This Instagram serves as a reminder that wherever you go in Paris, you never run out of beautiful things to see. With flower-centric snapshots of Paris’ spring cherry blossoms, lovely ivy-framed storefronts, and quaint streets, it feels like we’re taking a casual stroll through the city on a warm spring day. Prepare to be severely homesick–in a good way.

4. @arthur_gosse


Paris at night is just as beautiful as Paris in daylight, and Arthur Gosse’s Instagram is hard proof that this is so. A flâneur at heart, Gosse captures the nocturnal beauty of Paris in snapshots of streets that glow in the evening light, of gardens illuminated by afternoon sunshine, and of pink dusks by the Seine. Centered around the play between bright and dark hues, this gallery will make you see Paris in a new light (or should we say shadow?).

5. @paris.with.me


Right off the bat, you’ll see that @paris.with.me’s Instagram is visually stunning. Lightly tinted with rosy hues, the pictures are just as stylish as the city it captures. Oh, and the food. So many mouth-watering French pâtisseries, glasses of wine, and lattés.
Aside from running this Instagram, Anna also runs a blog that’s all about Paris and city advice.

6. @catherinegoron


For a more artistic vision of Parisian scenes, @catherinegoron‘s Instagram is the one to follow. Each photograph is truly the kind that takes your breath away. Scrolling through the expansive collection, which contain a mostly black-and-white shots and select highlights of a mutedly colorful Paris, you’ll see that Catherine has a great eye for unique perspectives of the city. Thankfully, she has blessed us with an online shop of prints and postcards of her Paris photography, and a blog for more of her admirable work.

7. @everydayparisian


Created by a Francophile, @everydayparisian is run by a blogger from Chicago, Rebecca Plotnick, who shares everything from her gorgeous photography and valuable advice on French culture, lifestyle and travel in the caption of each pic. Following her Instagram is almost like subscribing to a pocket-sized blog. With posts that are both personal and informative for Francophiles of all shapes and sizes, the charming Rebecca makes our Instagram experience all the more enjoyable and wonderful.

8. @humans_ofparis


Much like the well-known Humans of New York publication, Humans of Paris is on Instagram to share unique stories of Parisian people. Written in both English and French, HoP curates a mix of thought-provoking, touching, and light-hearted stories. You can check out their website for more!

9. @clangart


Flowers, flowers, and more flowers! Basically, @clangart’s feed is a digital garden of all the spring cherry blossoms and foliage of Paris. And even with all plants aside, this Instagram’s snapshots of buildings architecture take us on a stimulating visual adventure of Paris.

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