9 Instagrammers proving Paris isn’t the only place to realize your ultimate French fantasy

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Everyone and their mother loves Paris, a pure Instagram dreamland, boasting stunning views and gorgeous nooks and crannies. As France’s capital, a fashion mecca, and the city of light and love, it draws a lot of French Instagrammers. But while we love to peruse swoon-worthy Parisian content, let’s get to know the rest of the country through bloggers from other cities.

We’ve amassed a list of editor-approved, non-Parisian bloggers to liven up your feed and get a complete understanding of the country and its intricacies, outside of the capital.

BORDEAUX – Daphné Moreau

Daphné Moreau, founder of Mode and the City blog, mamma of Pixel the dog, and a true fashionista, lives her best life in Bordeaux. While she started her career in Paris after landing a job at Hermès, she moved closer to her roots during the pandemic. In a year, she has seamlessly slipped into the wine-country life and even bought a country pad in the beautiful city outskirts, surrounded by vineyards. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, her Instagram page is an indulgence in the perfection of southwestern French life.

LUBERON – Jamie Beck


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While Jamie back is a Texan-born ex-New Yorker, her life in Provence is an unmissable treat. The photographer lives a picturesque, storybook life in a little French village where she makes art and raises her daughter. Apart from Provence-soaked imagery on her feed, take a sneak peak into her vie quotidienne through Instagram stories.

AIX EN PROVENCE – Tiana Tolstoi 

Right next door, French-Korean-Russian model Tiana Tolstoi lets us in the back door to the life of a contemporary model in Southern France. Her life is full of quaint cozy moments with her other half as well as travel, campaigns, and more. It is a refreshing look into the realities of a modern Frenchie.

ROUEN – Meryl Denis


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A post shared by Meryl Denis (@meryldenis)

Rouen is a bit like Paris’s kid sister with its picturesque streets, and the coast just an hour away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Unsurprisingly, it is a city many mamma bloggers chose to settle as it is incredibly kid-friendly. Meryl, a Rouen native, just gave birth to her adorable son Tehio and now features quite a bit of lovely mamma-son content sure to melt your heart.

ROUEN – Emilie Daudin

Emilie is another Rouen native, mother of two, cancer survivor, and author of Liberté, égalité, maternité. Her glamorous fashion life has now changed quite a bit as she has grown into a motivational and empowering voice, with Rouen as a backdrop. Her resilience and ability to juggle the everyday difficulties with motherhood is simply impressive.

BRETAGNE – Best Jobers

Elisa & Max are from Bretagne, but their canvas is France as a whole. With absolutely stunning imagery, they capture the farthest extents of France (and bordering nations) in a poetic manner. There’s never one too many travel blogs, and BestJobers is a sure Frenchly favorite.

HAUTE SAVOIE – Ophélie Dullivard


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Every corner of France vies for the prize of most beautiful, but Haute Savoie is hands down a wonderland. Its winter white-blanketed mountains and summer green colors sometimes make us wonder if its rightfully the place to be. Ophélie offers a genuine and honest outlook on her life in the ski region of France.

MONTPELLIER – Federica Lai


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A post shared by Federica Lai (@junesixtyfive)

Montpellier is the other city in the South, the one that tourists often forget and yet who wouldn’t want to be so close to Provence, the Coast, and just a drive away from the mountains, Italy and Spain? Federica’s lifestyle account is a peek inside the life of a Southern French fashionista.

MARSEILLE – Chloe Bleinc


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A post shared by Chloé Bleinc (@chloebbbb)

Chloe is one of those incredibly charismatic, funny, and at the same time impeccably fashionable Instagrammers that you would expect everyone to know. However, in Marseille she seems to be the Queen of social media, revealing her glamorous port city life and visiting its beautiful surroundings like the Calanques, Porquerolles, Corsica, and more.

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