7 Places to Drink Rosé in NYC

A table filled with wine glasses

Just as beer was made for American sporting events, rosé was made for French summers.

It’s pink, alcoholic, and chilled. Rosé and its consumer exude grace, elegance, and that French je ne sais quoi. But since there isn’t time to squeeze in a last-minute trip to France and Instagram all your rosé-filled evenings, you’ll have to stay in NYC and Instagram yourself drinking rosé Frenchly. For Insta-spiration, look no further: we’ve compiled a list of the summeriest, coolest places in NYC to drink rosé and included a recommended Insta-ready pic. Grab a friend (or two), you’re a camera, and rosé away! (And don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @FrenchlyDoesIt for your best rosé pics, we’d love to see!)

1. Bobo – featuring the outdoor deck of your rom-com dreams


Insta-worthy moment: You feel at home in Bobo amongst the mirrors, books, and fireplaces, but the romance of the deck beckons to you. Your SoulCycle friends order two bottles of rosé for the table, and then a third because it’s so cheap. Someone tells a joke about tourists and you throw your head back, laughing. The photo captures that moment, the light streaming through the white latticing above the deck, illuminating your face and glass of rosé against the ivy unfurling on the brick wall behind you.

Caption: “The best rosés are the ones we drink with friends… just kidding, it’s this rosé.”

Bobo  — 181 West 10th Street, Manhattan 10014  – (212) 488-2626

2. French Louie – breaking down barriers between hipsters and rosé


Insta-worthy moment: French Louie has always been your favorite French restaurant, with the woodsy décor, deck, and French comfort food. You bring your friend Becky there for dinner, but you’re regretting it. She loves rosé (the unofficial mascot of her sorority). Upon discovering that you have never tried rosé, Becky orders you a glass, and breaks out her phone to Insta your first sip. The pic features you, sipping the rosé and staring at the plant next to you because you are realizing, under the glow of the string lights, that rosé is absolutely delicious.

Caption: “I swear this rosé belongs to the plant, not me. I only drink whiskey straight.”

French Louie — 320 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn 11201 – (718) 935-1200

3. Jadis – for discussing philosophy (or The Bachelorette)

Insta-worthy moment: Your art school friends are having a reunion at Jadis. Half of you don’t have regular employment, so the four types of rosé by the glass (each for $11 or less) are perfect. It could be the antique brick walls, the dim lighting, or the leather furniture, but regardless of what it is, the mood at this French wine cellar leads to sitting close and multiple rounds of drinks. The photography major breaks out his camera and snaps a few photos. The Insta-worthy pic features you, a copy of Les Misérables in your lap and a glass of rosé in your hand.

Caption: “‘Even the darkest night will end and the rosé will pour’ – Victor Hugo”

Jadis — 42 Rivington Street, Manhattan 10002  – (212) 254-1675

4. Claudette  a  happy spot for happy hour (that makes your wallet happy too)


Insta-worthy moment: You never used to dream of being a Provencal woman, but after a few minutes in Claudette, enjoying the wicker chairs, fresh flowers, and bookshelves, you are more sure than ever that you need a chic French farmhouse as your second home. You’re tempted by happy hour’s $7.00 glasses of rosé, but ultimately you all decide to order two bottles of rosé. The bill arrives, and you burst out laughing because it’s so cheap. Your friend snaps a pic of you triumphantly holding the bottles of rosé, one in each hand, up in the air.

Caption: “Valrhona cake because my wallet can.”

Claudette  — 24 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan 10011 – (212) 868-2424

5. Lafayette – to meet a well-dressed man or seem like an adult


Insta-worthy moment: After a long day in the corporate world, you stride into Lafayette ready for a drink. It’s your favorite post-work spot because nothing rejuvenates your sense of individuality like Lafayette: the art-deco tiling and the golden hued lighting make you feel refined, respected, and mysterious. Seated at the bar, rosé in hand, you notice out of the corner of your eye, a suited man… it’s real-life James Bond. Turning so that he’s behind you, you surreptitiously selfie with your rosé, and him in the background, adjusting his cufflinks.

Caption: “The name’s bond. James Bond. But tonight, I’ll be drinking rosé.”

Lafayette — 380 Lafayette Street, Manhattan 10003 – (212) 533-3000

6. Grand Banks – for an infallible Insta-worthy backdrop


Insta-worthy moment: Slathered in sunscreen and wearing the boat shoes you haven’t worn since your family reunion cruise, you board the Grand Banks, ready to set sail. (They stay docked, but it’s the boat that counts.) Drinking here is basically philanthropy: profits go to the Maritime Foundation to support maritime conservation and education. Your back to the rail and the sea behind you, one hand holds on to your floppy hat and the other holds your sparkling rosé. Everyone will know this is a posed photo because you’re crazy to be looking at a camera instead of the view, but you’re #blessed and you’ve got to share it.

Caption: Who says philanthropy can’t be glamorous?

Grand Banks — Pier 25, Hudson River Park, Manhattan, 10013. – (212) 660-6312

7. Jean-Georges – because nothing goes with rosé like pearls


Insta-worthy moment: For lunch with your parents at Jean-Georges, you break out the outfit that you only wear to your coworker’s Kentucky Derby party. Upon arrival, you’re in awe: fine white tablecloths, cream-colored booths, and food so beautiful it probably has its own stylist. Your mother orders glasses of rosé for the table. Everyone is convinced of your elegance until dessert arrives and you lose your mind, it’s too beautiful. Dad laughs and gets out the camera (as Dads do). You order more rosé for everyone, and hold your plate for the camera, mouth gaping open in excitement.

Caption: “Let me eat cake”

Jean-Georges — 1 Central Park West, Manhattan 10023 – (212) 299-3900

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