5 French Films You Just Can’t Miss

French cinema: it’s dark, it’s highbrow, and the ending is always inevitably frustrating. Or is it?

New Zealand native and vlogger Rosie of Not Even French interviews a French cinema expert Manon Kerjean, founder of the organization Lost in Frenchlation. Manon shares her insights on French cinema, dubbing, and comedy, as well as a list of five French films you need to see before you die.


The first is Le Grand Détournement, aka La Classe Américaine, a parody of the process of dubbing movies, made up of clips of American films dubbed with French dialogue completely different from what is being shown on screen. The second, La Môme, you may know as La Vie En Rose, the Oscar and César award-winning movie about the life of French musical icon Edith Piaf, played superbly by French actress Marion Cotillard. Next is Les Demoiselles de Rochefort, a 60s musical comedy starring Catherine Deneuve. L’Auberge Espagnole, often titled The Spanish Apartment in English, a beautiful film about a French student studying abroad in Barcelona, where he shares an apartment with a motley crew from all countries and walks of life. And the last on the list, Mommy, is a French Canadian film about a mother-son relationship.

Look for these amazing French films online, and for any English-speaking expats living in Paris, you can check out Lost in Frenchlation for upcoming events.