32 Differences between French People in the U.S. and France

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French expatriates suddenly realize when they return to France from the U.S.: they aren’t the same as their French friends in France. Here’s how we’re extra-terrestrial:

32. French expatriates don’t understand obscure acronyms like RSA, CFDT, CNAV, etc. 

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31. And a “large Coke” in France seems minuscule:

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30. You complain less about French television…

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29. …than the decline of France.

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28. Besides, France isn’t so bad.

Everything Is Ok Mountain animated GIF

27. For a long time, you don’t think your French is retreating…

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26. And you make fewer mistakes in English.

Hamlet Invader Zim animated GIF

24. For you, La Sécu is a treasure compared to Social Security and U.S. healthcare:

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23. As is the baguette.

Baking animated GIF wand

22. You’re more optimistic…

College Problems Dying animated GIF

21. …and less grumpy.

10 Reason Be Happy animated GIF

20. You can wear hoodies in the street.

8 Mile Battle animated GIF

19. And respond to emails quickly.

Emails Lecturer animated GIF

18. You know every single series that’s going to be broadcast in France the next year.

Homeland animated GIF

17. But you get no vacation.

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16. Which is okay, since that’s part of the American dream.

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15. You start to think the French in France don’t care about anything.

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14. And don’t understand how anyone can be against Netflix.

Faint Shocked animated GIF

13. Or against Starbucks.

shocked animated GIF

12. Or against brands in general.

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11. You don’t understand the inaction in France.

30 Rock Frustrated animated GIF

10. Shops being closed on Sundays.

angry animated GIF

9. The waitstaffs in Paris.

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8. You’re a little scandalized when there’s no vegetarian menu at a restaurant in France.

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7. And you get uncomfortable when the waiter hasn’t checked on you in the last five minutes.

awkward animated GIF

6. You’ve completely lost the habit of waiting before asking for the check.

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5. You don’t get lost in airports. 

animated GIF security

4. You shake hands with women.

olivia wilde animated GIF

3. And hug men.

hug animated GIF

2. You annoy the French in France with your “Franglais.”

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1. But you appreciate your friends all the more when you come back home.

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