31 Things Every Study Abroad Student in France Experiences

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1. Total disorientation when you first arrive

ezgif.com-optimize2. Not being able to buy anything because you forgot to tell your bank you were going to France

travolta3. Coping with the fact that you’re missing some essential French vocabulary

joey speaking french optimize4. Meeting your host family

von trapp will ferrel

5. Figuring out how to greet/say goodbye to people without hugging

awk hug6. Trying to get your French university’s administration to help you with literally anything

maya rudolph finger way7. Seeing your French university for the first time…

conan what the hell is that8. There’s no quad or student union

what is this national treasure9. No school spirit

what is this national treasure10. No frat/social house parties

what is this national treasure11. But wine is cheap

hugh grant dancing across12. And so is cheese, so you at least you’ve got that

hugh grant dancing across13. You stand out when you’re dressed like an American, so you adapt

giphy (26)

14. And your French peers think you’re fun and adopt you as “our American”

shirley temple omg thanks15. Your professor lectures for the entire 2 hours of class

its a lot to hear16. No one checks that you did you homework, or takes attendance

britney confused17. And you realize that school will be easy


18. So you go to monuments and museums


19. You drink lots of wine

pouring wine resize20. You shop

ill take everything shopping21. You go out to bars and clubs

giphy copy22. And you miss the last metro at least twice because it closes at approximately 1 a.m.

dr who transit bad23. You realize why it’s so easy for Europeans to travel to other countries: cheap airfare and train tickets (let the weekend country-hopping begin!)


24. You feel super cultured

audrey hepburn paris cafe

25. You live your best social life

best social leo26. Though you definitely have some lonely moments, because your friends don’t live in a dorm with you

ezgif.com-optimize27. But you still present your best life ever on social media

kim k insta28. And you spend all your money

i declare bankruptcy29. During finals, you have several five-hour exams

wild exam30. Then it’s time to go home, and you realize you didn’t do everything you wanted to

joey31. So you look for graduate programs in France and cry, because you can’t wait to come back

eiffel tower gold fireworks

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