27 French-Inspired Ornaments Perfect for Any Francophile

Photo Credit: Anthropologie. Image has been rotated and cropped.

You may not be in France, but you have a French Christmas tree. Don’t celebrate Christmas? Hang an ornament on a door handle, in a window, or on your rear-view mirror. Whatever holiday spirit you’re in, make it French.

1. Glittery Gold Eiffel Tower

Photo: Kurt Adler on Amazon

Forget about the Gray Lady when she’s just in her gray, you want her on your tree when she’s lit up! Buy it on Amazon here for $6.


2. Mini Moulin Rouge

Photo: P.O.S.H. Chicago (cropped from the original)

Is it not enough to watch the movie over and over again? Moulin Rouge can stay in your heart forever with this mini-model of the famous Parisian cabaret. Buy it from P.O.S.H. Chicago here for $22.

3. The Most Realistic Baguette

Photo: Anthropologie

Who knew a fake baguette could look so real? Get this fake baguette for your real tree ASAP. Buy it from Anthropologie here for $18.

4. A Delicious Pistachio Macaron

Photo: Sur la table

Miam! If pistachio doesn’t make you drool, go for the raspberry or lemon macaron ornaments. Buy it from Sur la Table here for $10.

5. A Paris-Pink Moped (aka Your Dream Vehicle)

Photo: Anthropologie (cropped from the original)

What you can’t see from this picture is that there’s a tiny license plate on the back of this tiny pink moped that says “PARIS.” And you know what they say: if you can’t get a real pink moped, get an ornament of one. Buy it from Anthropologie here for $14.

6. France Silhouette with a Heart Cut Out

Photo: rvmetalshop on Etsy

This industrial-chic ornament is a perfect symbol of your love for l’hexagone… because your heart is in France! Buy it on Etsy here for $12.

7. A Bright Red Lip

Photo: Macy’s (Cropped from original)

What says French girl style more than a bright red lip? Buy it from Macy’s here for $9.

8. A Chocolate-Dipped Madeleine

Photo: Sur la table

This madeleine is so beautiful, the only thing keeping us from eating it is that we want it hanging from the door handle to the Frenchly office. Buy it from Sur la Table here for $10.

9. A French Toast Pun

Photo: Better With Toast on Etsy. (Cropped from original)

French toast! (Get it?) Buy it on Etsy here for $10.

10. A Glittery Bottle of Rosé

Photo: Sur la table

Here’s one bottle you won’t be poppin’ this holiday season. Buy it from Sur la Table here for $22.

11. The Tiniest French Press Ever

Photo: World Market

Would you rather have to convince someone that the coffee ornament you have is representative of French coffee, or just have an adorable tiny French press ornament? To us, the winner is clear. Buy it from World Market here for $9.99.

12. Notre-Dame’s Stained Glass Rose Window

Photo: City Souvenirs on Etsy

Everyone’s favorite stained glass window (or maybe only favorite stained glass window?) can decorate your tree. Buy it on Etsy here for $14.99.

13. A Golden Croissant

Photo: Anthropologie (cropped from the original)

Why is a golden croissant ornament better than a golden croissant? Because you can enjoy it forever! Buy it from Anthropologie here for $20.

14. Eiffel Tower Snow Globe

Photo: P.O.S.H. Chicago (cropped from the original)

Different from the Eiffel Tower in a glass dome, this Gray Lady is in her own winter wonderland snowglobe. Buy it from P.O.S.H. Chicago here for $22.

15. Je t’aime French Things Heart

Photo: MagicMoonPottery on Etsy

Show some love for a fellow Francophile, a Francophone, or yourself with this “Je t’aime” ornament. Buy it from Etsy here for $20.

16. A Glittery Passport

Photo: World Market

A French ornament doesn’t have to be Paris related. If your passport is covered with stamps from Francophone countries, go for this global catchall. Buy it from World Market here for $7.99.

17. A Chilled Bottle of Champagne

Photo: Bloomingdale’s

We don’t know for a fact that it’s Champagne… but if there’s a bottle in a bucket of ice, it’s hopefully Champagne! Buy it from Bloomingdale’s here for $16.

18. Beret-Clad Mouse

Photo: Trouva

So it’s not a rat like the infamous Ratatouille (the rat chef, not the dish) but this adorable mouse still looks very French in his matching scarf and beret. Buy it from Trouva here for $9.52.

19. A Cheese Ornament That’s Pretty Goud-a

Photo: P.O.S.H. Chicago (cropped from the original)

Gouda may be a Dutch cheese, but cheese is largely associated with France and so we’re declaring it perfectly acceptable (in fact, preferable) to have this wheel of cheese as one of your holiday decorations. Buy it from P.O.S.H. Chicago here for $14.

20. French Bulldog Silhouette

Photo: BreganMetalWorks on Etsy

Are French bulldogs really French? Half-French, actually, but the confidence and stylishness of the Frenchie right now makes it a worth Francophile decoration. Buy on Etsy here for $10.50.

21. Palmier: the Unexpected Viennoiserie

Photo: Sur la table

You can be a hipster and still want a viennoiseries ornament on your tree. Just get one that’s a little less mainstream, like this palmier. Buy it from Sur la Table here for $22.

22. Glass-Covered Eiffel Tower

Photo: Pottery Barn Kids

Like fancy candle or cake kept under a glass dome, this tiny Eiffel Tower is delicate and beautiful enough that it gets its own covering. Buy it on Pottery Barn Kids here for $8 (on sale from $10.50).

23. Lyon Lover

Photo: City Souvenirs on Etsy

Show your love for France’s gastronomic capital, Lyon. Buy it from Etsy here for $14.99.

24. Better than a Box of Chocolates

Photo: Anthropologie (cropped from the original)

What’s better than one chocolate ornament? Four chocolate ornaments. Buy it from Anthropologie here for $24 (on sale from $32).

25. Basket of (French) Strawberries

Photo: P.O.S.H. Chicago (cropped from the original)

If you don’t know why French strawberries are the best, read this and you’ll understand. Buy it from P.O.S.H. Chicago here for $22.

26. World Traveler Suitcase

Photo: P.O.S.H. Chicago (cropped from the original)

Put your Francophone traveling on display with this adorable mini-suitcase. Buy it from P.O.S.H. Chicago here for $12.

27. World Cup Champions du Monde 2018 & 1998

Photo: ChicagoCreationz on Etsy

On est champion / On est tous ensemble /  C’est le grand jeu / La France est debout! Get back in Les Bleus mood with this World Cup ornament. Buy on Etsy here for $21.99.